Ndajfoljet e kohes ne Anglisht - Adverbs of the time in English

Sot - Today
Neser - tomorrow
Dje - Yesterday
Tani - now / just now
menjehere- immediately

se shpejti - soon
pak me pare- a little while ago
me heret - earlier
me pare - before
ndonjehere - ever
shpesh - often
se fundmi- recently
me vone -later
fillimisht - first
qe atehere- since then
per momentin- currently
kryesisht - mostly
thuajse gjithmone - almost always
perdite/ i perditshem - daily
ndonjehere- sometimes
perseri -again
kurre - never
ne mengjes/mengjeseve - In the morning
ne dreke/drekave - at lunchtime
pasdite/pasditeve -in the afternoon
ne darke/darkave - in the evening