That is too late, going for a dinner

Tha is too late, going for a dinner - kjo eshte shume vone. Duke shkuar per nje darke

Oliver :Hello Anna, would like to go out for dinner with me?

Do you want something to drink

 Do you want something to drink - deshiron te pish dicka?
Maria :Oliver, would you like something to eat?
Oliver, deshiron te hash diçka?

I am hungry

I am hungry - jam i uritur
Oliver:Hi Anna, how are you?
Ckemi Ana si je?

asking for direction

asking for direction  - duke kërkuar drejtim
Maria :Hi Oliver. ckemi Oliver

adjectives in English

I,e mirë Good Gud
I,e bukur Beautiful, nice Bjutifull, najs
I, e errët Dark Dark
I,e keqe Bad Bed

Animal names in English

the puppy - qenush
the kitten - Kotele
Dog - Qen
Cat- Mace
Bird-  Zog

Ask for help

Ask for help - Te kerkosh ndihme
Me falni a mund te me ndihmosh? – Excuse me, can you help me?
Une kam nje pyetje. – I have a question.

personal Informations in english

What's your name?- Si quhesh ti?
What is your name?  -Si quheni juve?
My name is... une quhem....
I am ... Une jam..

fourth lesson - How are you? - Si je ? Meso Anglisht

Lesson 4 - How are you?
 Hello, Michael!  - Mirdita Majkell
Hello, Maria! - Pershendetje Maria