Family members in English

Pjestaret e familjes- Family members

Parents – Prinderit
Grandparents- Gjysherit
Nëna – the mother
Babai – The father
Gjyshi - the grandfather
Gjyshja- the grandmother
i biri / djali- the son
e bija / vajza- the daughter
V?llai- the brother
Motra- the sister
xhaxhai, daja- the uncle
tezja, halla- the aunt
This is my family. Kjo eshte familja ime.
Ne jemi nj? familje.We are a family.
I have a family. Unë kam nje familje.
There are 6 members in my family.
Familja ime ka 6 anetare.

Marital status and related words

single; married; engaged; separated; divorced; widowed;

to marry; to get married; marriage;

husband; wife; spouse; ex-husband; ex-wife; divorce;

married couple; husband and wife;

married man; unmarried man; bachelor;

married woman; unmarried woman; single mother;

widow; widower; grass widow; grass widower;

fiance; engagement; engagement ring;

bride; bridegroom (groom); bridesmaid; best man;

wedding; wedding ring; wedding cake; newlyweds; honeymoon;